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We have had the privilege to work with many different types of businesses throughout the years. From small start-ups in technology to large construction companies, we have provided our expertise to a wide range of businesses and organizations. There are specific industries we have worked more prominently with and obtained specialized knowledge regarding their unique situations. We believe in order to truly serve our clients, we must focus our efforts on their specific needs and goals.

We believe to truly serve our clients we must focus our efforts on their specific needs and goals. Here are just a few of the many industries we have worked with and developed in-depth knowledge about.


The real estate industry holds special challenges with regards to tax laws, market conditions, regulatory laws and the ever-changing shifts in technology. We help clients, investors, developers, management companies, residential and commercial owners and landlords, managers, brokers, and other professionals meet these challenges and maintain their competitive edge in the marketplace. We understand that the tax issues associated with this industry sector are complex. We follow financial trends and issues, while helping clients find fiscal solutions in this constantly-evolving market. Part of our consultative approach focuses on recommending tax-saving strategies. Here are a few of the services we provide the real estate industry:

  • Partnership, LLC and S corporation structuring and compliance
  • Like-kind exchanges (IRC 1031 exchanges)
  • Tangible Property Regulations
  • Net investment income tax planning
  • Tax credits and incentives
  • Asset acquisition vs. business combinations
  • Component depreciation
  • Partnership inside basis adjustments


Growth-oriented construction contractors need specialized tax guidance to enable sound decision making. We support the growth of general contractors and specialty trade contractors throughout Orange County and Greater Los Angeles through the following services:

  • Minimizing tax burden through tax-efficient structure of corporations and subsidiaries
  • Taking advantage of all available incentives, such as the 179D Commercial Building Tax Deduction the Domestic Production Activities
  • Deduction, as well as transferrable tax credits
  • Planning for state and local tax implications and complying with multi-state income tax requirements
  • Determining the most advantageous tax structures for merger and acquisition transactions


Manufacturers and distributors are constantly trying to maximize business profits and cash flows while facing numerous challenges. Many face more demanding regulatory requirements, supply chain issues, labor challenges, overseas competition, and increasing customer demands. Manufacturers should consult with a trusted advisor to help them determine innovative ways to reduce costs and increase profit margins.

  • Structuring to minimize exposure to domestic income tax
  • Reducing effective state tax rates through planning and restructuring
  • Identifying federal and state tax incentives and credits
  • Tax-efficient structuring of merger and acquisition transactions
  • Accelerating depreciation deductions through cost segregation studies
  • Consulting on the new regulations regarding capitalization vs. expense of repairs and maintenance


Technology companies operate in a fast-paced, unique environment, and the challenges faced can be as varied and complex as the products they develop. In an ever-changing, competitive industry, success can depend on strategic planning decisions, accurate prediction of future trends and guidance of a sound advisor.

To achieve profitable growth while avoiding the problems that can plaque technology entrepreneurs, you need access to experienced professional advisors who can support you wherever your business takes you.

Technology companies rely on their innovation. From electronics manufacturers to drug development firms to software developers, companies are continually looking for ways to improve existing processes and products and to develop new ones. The question is: Are you getting the tax credits you deserve for your research and development activities?

Our tax consultants can help you with the necessary tax planning services in order take advantage of the latest in tax credits available on the state and federal level.


Being in the professional services industry ourselves, we understand that your time is valuable. When professionals spend time on accounting, tax, or other non-core business functions, they lose precious time that could be devoted to clients. Johnson Tax & Consulting works with a variety of professional services providers, taking care of their tax planning and preparation so they can concentrate on the work that will grow their business.

Professional service firms, such as law firms, staffing agencies, insurance brokers, consulting firms, architectural firms, talent agencies, engineering firms and many others, deal with a growing competitive and ever-changing business environment. Firms continue to face significant issues and need to continually innovate and reevaluate their current business model in order to adapt to these challenges.

Professional service firms also face many tax and accounting challenges. Constant changes in tax regulations and accounting standards require them to stay on top of the issues and understand the impact on their business. We are here to provide the guidance necessary to optimize their time and resources and help them focus on their business as they should.


The truth is we have worked with dozens of different types of companies in many more industries. Each has its own unique tax "footprint" that we've learned and understand well because of our many years of tax consulting. Food service, non-profit agencies, agriculture, media and entertainment, family offices, and hospitality are just a few of the many others.

Give us a call and let's discuss your particular business challenges and how we can help you with your tax needs.

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